Hello everyone and welcome to my blog. Here I will most likely discuss everything that is currently going on with me. Like for example I’m trying to get through a Geography class and a Logic class. Geography is not a struggle but Logic sure has turned into one! I’m hoping to graduate from Ohio University in 2018 with a bachelors degree in Technical and Applied Studies and then go on to Kent State and earn my masters degree in Library Science. I would love to become a Librarian.

As you can probably guess I enjoy reading as well as watching movies. I’m currently reading “True Believer” by Scott W Carmichael. It is about the capture of Cuban spy Ana Montes who worked as a senior intelligence analyst for the DIA department. This book is about her capture and Mr. Carmichael does a nice job giving you a front row seat into the world of catching her. It’s a Very exciting book. You also learn how horrible espionage is and just how patriotic the people at the DIA, CIA, FBI, Pentagon and other intelligence agencies are. There are some pretty smart people working in those places and we owe them a debt of gratitude for protecting us as well as our armed forces.

At my sight “Fruit-of-the-spirit.com” I hope to share a lot of things about books and movies, gardening, genealogy, my bike riding, my up coming hiking trip to Mt. Whitney and getting prepared for it. Struggles with the loss of my thyroid and my battle with weight because of it. My education and the classes I’m taking. My vegan diet, (for weight loss and to ward off a lot of metabolic issues like cholesterol and diabetes and high blood pressure) my family and my two rescued black Cocker spaniels Honeydew and Georgia.

Along with my interest in health I have an appreciation for all things beauty as a coming of age (middle aged) woman. I’ve decided to let my hair go its natural color. Grey. I love it and get more compliments on it than when I spent $4,600 in color treatments a year. I enjoy making the best of what God has given me and take full advantage of Pinterest and YouTube for ideas and I hope to share on my website what I find on these two sites.

I’m also a solo traveler. I truly enjoy traveling by myself and have made great friends and met many interesting people by doing so. So far I have been to Italy and traveled the entire country and Cancun, Mexico. I hope to see all the many wonders of the world. So far I have seen the Colliseum in Rome, Italy and Chichenitza in Mexico.

I guess that is enough for now. I’ll try to post once a week. Have a great weekend.